"It's elementary, my dear Watson"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I've just started watching the new "Americanized" version of Sherlock Holmes (as if we didn't have enough crime dramas already) called Elementary. Also, didn't we just have an updated version called Sherlock, which was ahmazing? Clearly this remake was entirely unnecessary.

HOWEVER! I am ashamed to say that I quite enjoyed it. Though the thing I enjoyed most was Lucy Liu's wardrobe. She does the whole grey and black thing with a pop of colour really well.


all 3 images via Zimbio

Let's zoom in on those shoes, shall we (by they way, you can buy them here):


screen-cap chez moi

So many textures and wooly bits! I will continue watching the show for *cough* wardrobe ideas, not at all because I actually enjoyed it *cough*.


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