Montreal, Teil Drei

Friday, November 2, 2012

This post is all about the gruesome deliciousness that was our anniversary dinner at Au Pied de Cochon. The whole experience was really quite obscene. That said, I would totally go again.

When I made reservations, I asked to sit at the bar. It was really entertaining to watch the controlled chaos in the kitchen, and how quickly dishes were assembled and sent out.

To start, we had a couple orders of the Fois Gras Cromesquis - little deep fried nuggets of hot sweet richness that melt in your mouth. This was followed by our two appetizers - the bison tartare temaki (handrolls) with raw quail egg, and the tarragon bison tongue. The tongue was half-demolished before I even remembered to take a picture. We used some of the left-over bread to pick up the sauce off the plate. drool.

For our main, we chose the PDC Melting Pot. This dish had a lot of the elements we wanted to try: two kinds of sausages, two different cuts of pork, onions, mushrooms, PDC mash, and gravy.

Ordering the desert was a mistake. I ordered the Sugar Pie for Two, thinking that we would try a bite, and take the rest home. No such luck. My husband (who ate 3/4 of the pie), later blamed his pain entirely on me. Ha.

We also saw this monstrosity being assembled as we were finishing the desert "Pig's Head for Two". At one point, one of the chefs sliced a line along the top of the skull and poured what looked like hot oil or butter into the brain cavity. This picture was taken just before the tongue was garnished with some mustard sauce, and a bunch of steamed clams were dotted around the dish. As we were leaving, we noticed a couple of patrons digging into it with relish. Oh well, there is always a next time.

We left the restaurant moaning and clutching our poor abused bellies. It took a while to digest.

The next morning we couldn't really stomach breakfast, but there was one more stop we just had to make. On our way out of town we stopped at Jean Talon Market, to get the fried shrimp from Aqua Mare. We were only the second order of the day.

The batter was fried and crispy, and the shrimp were fresh and perfectly cooked. Great way to finish an amazing trip.


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